Eagle’s Retreats is your stage!

Lake Atitlán will be the scene, and Your workshop is the play…


An invitation for you to journey to the highlands of mystical Guatemala in Central America and create, co-create or participate in yoga or transformational retreats, workshops, and events.

The makings of a divine comedy that is life.

Testimonials at Eagle’s Retreats

A breathtaking vortex
Professional Fairy Lake Atitlán

I had no idea that when I came to Eagle’s Nest, I would be coming home. A breathtaking vortex of art, music, teachers, events, and constant love of family that allowed me to have significant spiritual growth. I always felt supported, safe and encouraged to be my truest expression.

My feet had never been planted in such a beautiful space, everywhere you turn you are surrounded by the most breathtaking views, every breath I took was a moment of gratitude. Greg, thank you for manifesting your vision and sharing your medicine with the world.

Brooke Mackay
Professional Fairy

Eagle's Retreats is a unique place and will reward you with unique feelings and experiences.

A pilgrimage to a special place on this earth.  Infinite possibilities and awe await, gratitude for the beauty that is and surrounds us, and that the impossible might just possibly be attainable if you allow it to be.

To stand in the space at Eagle's Retreats is to invite magic - the mega-volcano inside which we sit, itself containing the whole lake and its 3 pyramid-shaped volcanoes, maybe has something to do with the intensity of the energy and feelings that awaken when you stand on the edge of the Eagle's Nest platform. 

Eagle's Retreats Proposal to Teachers

The centerpiece is 'The Nest' - a handcrafted tropical wood platform space.  A masterpiece built to cradle, support and inspire its patrons to connect with their highest inspirations, aspirations and innate pearls of wisdom.

Varied accommodation ranging from a simple comfortable dorm, bedded tents, simply built cabins and a fully equipped apartment.  Total current capacity 40 person.

Ample artistic panoramic lounge for hosting group dinning, socialising and indoor activities.  We provide full catering for your retreats.

Sauna facilities which includes a 10 person traditional wood fired sauna, cold pool, shower.

We assist you with logistics, meals, inclusion of locally sourced retreat experiences.  Please make your enquiry below to begin co-creating at Eagle's Retreats!


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