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Set in Central America, in the highlands of mystical Guatemala, 

lead (or take part in) a yoga retreat or yoga course, a spiritual retreat, a detox retreat.


Testimonials at Eagle’s Retreats

Best view ever of Lake Atitlán

Feels like heaven….. A must visit in San Marcos and Guatemala

Thai massage teacher & therapist
More beautiful than I could have ever imagined

…more beautiful than I could have ever imagined!

Lives:Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Just book it is my recommendation

Just book it is my recommendation!

Lives:Copenhagen, Denmark.
Breathtaking place

Breathtaking place to get lost and find yourself

Gorgeous views

Gorgeous views, amazing hospitality and inspiring space.

Simply the best

Simply the best place I’ve ever stayed and played at !

C’est le paradis

C’est le paradis; on y retrouve de la sérénité

Just amazing

This place is just amazing. Very spiritual and landscape is just magical.

Heaven on Earth

A little piece of heaven on Earth

Yoga Instructor and Cacao Ceremony facilitator
Best Yoga platform in the world…

best yoga platform in the world

Lives:Miami, Florida, United States of America.
Place to just “be”

A truly incredible place to just “be”. You will surely find the place so magical that you will not want to leave!

Lives:Novato, California, United States of America
Never got tired of the view

Never got tired of the view

Lives:Denver, Colorado, United States of America
Forever grateful

Thank you … 🖤 for following your dreams and your intuition.

…a truly unique experience

It was a truly unique experience

Lives:Weehawken, New Jersey, United States of America
The cherry on top of the whip

Incredible, beautifully designed, space on the hills of San Marcos La Laguna with the most breathtaking view on Lago Atitlán…

Eagle's Retreats is a unique place.  It requires you to embark on a unique journey to get to it and further rewards you with unique feelings and experiences.

A pilgrimage to a place of power, infinite possibility, gratitude for the beauty that is and surrounds us, awe, and that the impossible might just possibly be attainable.  

To stand in the space at Eagle's Retreats is to invite magic.  The mega-volcano inside which we sit, itself containing the whole lake and its 3 monolithic pyramid-shaped volcanoes, maybe has something to do with the intensity of the energy and feelings that awaken when you stand on the edge of the platform.  

Such is the invitation to come to Eagle's Retreats.  

The next step is yours to decide....

Hosting Retreats, workshops and events

Thank you for your interest in Eagle’s Retreats – hosting retreats that take you beyond!

Hosting retreats at Eagle’s Retreats is about creating elevated experiences.  Plain and simple!  We achieve this through augmenting the senses: the view, the heart feeling of open space, sensing the air temperature, the rays of sunshine, the flow of air, smells, noises of the space – town – lake, music and its rhythms – melody – vibration, touch with others.  In a nutshell, the space speaks to your soul.  It adds these layers to your retreat experience, thereby heightening it.

Eagle’s Nest

Eagle's Nest at Eagle's Retreats, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala.
Eagle’s Nest by night at Eagle’s Retreats

Night view of “The Nest”Eagle’s Retreats has built a very special and unique space, to host your event, named the “Eagle’s Nest” or simply “The Nest”.  This open air platform sits perched above Mayan village of San Marcos La Laguna.  An immersive experience simply to be on the platform, contemplating and feeling Lake Atitlán, its energies, its volcanoes, its awe inspiring and breathtaking panoramic show that the view affords.  The platform has no boundaries and metaphorically speaks to the soul about beyond…  That beyond is not only possible, it is here and now, around you, before you, it is a part of you and you are a part of it.  THAT is one of the unspoken components of the magic of “The Nest”.

Built in the shape of a scallop shell, symbolic of pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago (Saint James’ Way, in Spain), it measures approximately 15×9 meters and provides a work space area of 140 m2/1500ft2.  The person capacity of the platform varies according to the activity.  Yoga / AcroYoga – 35 to 45 persons, Meditation / Group Circles 75 to 100, Dance Events 150 to 200.

Eagle’s Lounge

Eagle's Lounge at Eagle's Retreats, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala
Eagle’s Lounge at Eagle’s Retreats

Part of hosting retreats includes an area for socialising, sitting or lounging and of course sharing meals together.  It is indoors and also serves as our kitchen for preparing group meals.  We call it Eagle’s Lounge and it is located  under The Nest.  It is your dinning

Visionary art, Eagle's Lounge, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala.
Visionary art in Eagle’s Lounge

room, your café space, your lounge and your hangout.  This space has a calling for visionary artists to make their mark.  They already have created beautifully colourful murals that hold depth in the symbols and energies they transmit.  It will no doubt be part of the overall transmissions you capture from your experience at Eagle’s Retreats.  Eagle’s Lounge also offers you a very impressive connection with Lake Atitlán, as its very large bay windows further invite you to indulge in panoramic lake reveries.


Accommodation & Catering

Alongside hosting retreats, Eagle’s Retreats offers a number of accommodation options.  These offer participants different levels of privacy and dedicated resources according to their budget: from dormitories and tents to cabins and apartments being the dearest.  By default we quote an experience that includes full catering (3 meals per day).  That frees you as teacher/facilitator to focus on the contents and experiences you are co-creating, delivering and living yourself.

 Sauna & Pool

Sauna - Temascal - Eagle's Retreats, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala
Sauna masterpiece and infinity cold pool

Our unique sauna design, inspired by world travels and the Mayan sauna culture (locally called “Temascal”), is round and the entry is made from the floor.  Entering it as though entering the womb again, it invites you for a rebirth.  With a capacity of 10 seated, this masterpiece will

Mayan mandala art, Eagle's Retreats, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala
Colourful Mayan mandala art on the Sauna cupola

seduce you further with its colourful art in the cupola.  The Sistine Chapel of

saunas is heated by firewood lit outside, burning in a rocket stove designed to make the combustion way more efficient than a regular chimney fire, adding to the fact that there is no lateral door for the heat to escape from.  When you get a little too hot, come outside and take a dip in the infinity dipping pool, with views to seduce the most well travelled of souls.


Accommodation during and beyond Retreats

Accommodation offered at Eagle’s Retreats ranges from on and off-site (stated when off-site) apartments, cabins, dormitories and tents with bedding.

Eagle’s Retreats also offers Baraka Antigua, a house located in Antigua Guatemala, useful as a point of first arrival after flying into Guatemala City airport.  Antigua is a very elegant colonial city worth spending a few days visiting and resting in the nourishing spaces of house Baraka Antigua.

C’est le paradis

C’est le paradis;  on y retrouve de la sérénité, les chalets sont jolis et confortables;  la vue fantastique, une tranche de vie hors du temps…..

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The Pad @ Eagle's Retreats

Studio apartment with King bed, small sofa (which turns into a single bed), kitchen & stove, bathroom with hot shower & toilet, large outside covered terrace with table and low chairs.  Accommodates up to 3 people

Apartment 1 @ Baraka Atitlan (off-site)

This simple and elegant one bedroom apartment is situated Lakefront, in the San Marcos bay, 25/30 minutes walking distance (10/15min by tuctuc) from Eagle's Retreats.  Queen bed, bathroom with hot shower, open living room/kitchen that includes a solarium sitting area.  Great views and sounds of the lake.

Cabins (simple and comfortable accommodation)

Baobab Tree House Cabin @ Eagle's Retreats

Its a wooden cabin built next to a tree!  Feels like a treehouse.  This is a simple space with a queen size bed and bedside table.  It has a working desk area and its own sitting balcony with impressive views of Lake Atitlán.  Shares bathroom and kitchen facilities.

Fox Cabin @ Eagle's Retreats

Inspired by traditional building technique called Bajareque in Spanish, which means cane & mud.  We used coffee wood and clay soil.  Fitted with a queen bed, adorned by a hand made recycled glass art.  It has a small closer, shelves and its own washbasin.  It has its own outdoor lounging deck.  Shares bathroom and kitchen facilities.

Rose Cabin @ Eagle's Retreats

Built with adobe bricks (clay earth mixed with straw or pine needles) made on-site, this simple cabin has 3 single beds.  It has its own washbasin and lounging deck.  It shares bathroom and kitchen facilities with other cabins.

Snake Cabin @ Eagle's Retreats (available October 2017)

Under construction.  Built of adobe.  Queen bed and private washbasin.  It will have a small protected outdoor balcony.  It shares bathroom and kitchen facilities with other cabins.

Volcano Cabin @ Eagle's Retreats

Available soon.

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Dormitories & Tent accommodation @ Eagle's Retreats

"Nawales" dormitory [available October 2017]

Equipped with 10 bunk beds.  Each bed has high density foam mattresses and quality microfiber pillows, with sheets and a blankets.   Shared toilet and shower facilities close-by.

"Volcanes" dormitory [available soon]

Very similar to Nawales Dormitory with 10 bunk beds (5 sets of 2 high bunks).  Both dormitories are located next to each other.

Tents with bedding

Glamourous Camping with good bedding at Eagle's Retreats, San Marcos La Laguna, Lake Atitlan
Weatherproof spacious tent for one person.

These are durable 3 man tents, setup with 1 single mattress and pillow (same as Dormitory bedding).  It is designed as a one person space, with room for bag and personal effects.  This affords more privacy than the dorms for those wanting their own space.

House - Baraka Antigua Guatemala accommodation

Truly a home away from home, Baraka Antigua is a nourishing accommodation space perfect for "landing".  Located only 1 hour away from Guatemala City airport, it is also the perfect "stepping stone" on your way to Eagle's Retreats on Lake Atitlan (a further 2.5/3 hour drive from Antigua - 3.5/4 hours from Guatemala City Airport).  The house has 5 bedrooms, each unique and decorated with textures, fabrics and colour.  There is an extra "open" sleeping area in one of the lounges.  Total sleeping capacity of the house is 11.  Please enquire if interested in this property as an add-on to your retreat.

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Known as the land of eternal spring, it carries the mysticism of the ancient Maya civilisations still very apparent in the traditions of the indigenous Maya people that inhabit the country. Be it the intricate fabrics they wear for their clothes, their feeding customs centered around the inclusion of corn (Tortillas they use for bread, “Tostadas” – deep fried tortillas – used with Guacamole or refried beans, Roasted corn on fire, etc).

Sprinkled with volcanoes, both dormant and active – as Guatemala is situated on the path of the ring of fire and also happens to be where 3 tectonic plates join, it reminds us constantly of the power and omnipresence of nature and the magnitude of its creations. Something to ponder

The diversity of land formations, climates, wildlife, ecosystems, cultures and languages (23 different languages spoken in the territory) and landscapes (pacific, Caribbean, jungle, forest, march, highlands, deserts, mountains&volcanoes, tropical rainforest, cloud-forests, etc) all makes for a full menu for adventure, discovery, colours and memorable travels.

Your journey to Eagle’s Retreat, supposing you fly into Guatemala City Airport, would naturally take you to Antigua Guatemala, Lake Atitlan and San Marcos La Laguna. For this reason we have dedicated individual pages to each of these destinations. Categorised as Close-by places of interest, and farther places of interest are the other two section where we explore and suggest some noteworthy places of interest, beauty and intense or unusual experience.


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