Antigua Guatemala House Rental

Baraka Antigua Guatemala House Rental (& Rooms)

Comfort, simplicity and richly nourishing with a colonial flair.

Truly a home away from home, Baraka Antigua is a nourishing accommodation space perfect for “landing”.  Strategically placed en-route from Guatemala City Airport to Lake Atitlán.  A very convenient arrival or departure jumping point if flying in or out of the country.  Located only 1 hour away from Guatemala City airport, it is also the perfect “stepping stone” on your way to Eagle’s Retreats on Lake Atitlán (a further 2.5/3 hour drive from Antigua – 3.5/4 hours from Guatemala City Airport).  

Baraka Antigua is a little haven that will pamper your soul with a restful and rich stay.  Watch the sunrise from the rooftop terrace with panoramic views of the 3 volcanos that surround Antigua (Agua, Fuego, and Acatenango). Perhaps you decide to use our yoga and meditation room for some morning asanas (we’ll lend you a yoga mat if you need one). Maybe it is a delicious garden breakfast in the sunshine by our banana trees and pond filled with goldfish, possibly engaging in conversations with other house guests.

The house has 5 bedrooms, each unique and decorated with textures, fabrics, and color.  There is an extra “open” sleeping area in one of the lounges.  Total sleeping capacity of the house is 11.  Please enquire if interested in this property as an add-on to your retreat or use our booking form below for direct rentals.

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