Known as the land of eternal spring, it carries the mysticism of the ancient Maya civilisations still very apparent in the traditions of the indigenous Maya people that inhabit the country. Be it the intricate fabrics they wear for their clothes, their feeding customs centered around the inclusion of corn (Tortillas they use for bread, “Tostadas” – deep fried tortillas – used with Guacamole or refried beans, Roasted corn on fire, etc).

Sprinkled with volcanoes, both dormant and active – as Guatemala is situated on the path of the ring of fire and also happens to be where 3 tectonic plates join, it reminds us constantly of the power and omnipresence of nature and the magnitude of its creations. Something to ponder

The diversity of land formations, climates, wildlife, ecosystems, cultures and languages (23 different languages spoken in the territory) and landscapes (pacific, Caribbean, jungle, forest, march, highlands, deserts, mountains&volcanoes, tropical rainforest, cloud-forests, etc) all makes for a full menu for adventure, discovery, colours and memorable travels.

Your journey to Eagle’s Retreat, supposing you fly into Guatemala City Airport, would naturally take you to Antigua Guatemala, Lake Atitlan and San Marcos La Laguna. For this reason we have dedicated individual pages to each of these destinations. Categorised as Close-by places of interest, and farther places of interest are the other two section where we explore and suggest some noteworthy places of interest, beauty and intense or unusual experience.