Host Retreats in Guatemala – Lake Atitlán

Thank you for your interest in Eagle’s Retreats – hosting retreats that take you beyond…

Eagle’s Retreats is nestled atop of a traditional Mayan village of San Marcos La Laguna on the shores of majestic lake Atitlán.  Our unique property combines natural accommodation amongst nature.  Options range from cabins/bungalows shared-solo, dormitory bunk or a tent with a mattress.  Composting toilets and showers and set in the garden landscape. Our open air dining Lounge accommodates up to 50 with exquisite views.
Features of the space:
Eagle’s Nest – a spectacular airborne platform built to inspire and nourish great souls and suitable for group movement, retreats, gatherings.  Below, a large indoor space for more contained experiences 
Eagle’s Cave – our traditional Mayan Temascal sauna – a unique chamber design & experience,  for recovery, rejuvenation, cleansing, ceremonial, rebirth…
The guiding essence in the adventure of crafting the space and it’s detail is that of enabling greatness and inner freedom.  Sprinkling metaphors that infuse ideas and feelings that allow an unfolding within.  Themes include The Little Prince, The Pilgrimage (Camino de Santiago), honouring Mayan Traditions, re-connection with ancestral ways, heart based living and lifestyle design. Sometimes perceived as healing, other times felt as magic, maybe it’s a sudden revelation or something more subtle.  Having recently completed the space, Eagle’s Retreats is honored to be partnering with Omar Aena to host this very first Ecstatic Dance inspired retreat experience.
Watch the eagles soaring by, as you glide into this journey at Eagle’s Retreats. 

Host Retreats in Guatemala – Eagle’s Nest

Eagle's Nest at Eagle's Retreats, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala.
Eagle’s Nest by night at Eagle’s Retreats

Night view of “The Nest”Eagle’s Retreats has built a very special and unique space, to host your event, named the “Eagle’s Nest” or simply “The Nest”.  This open air platform sits perched above Mayan village of San Marcos La Laguna.  An immersive experience simply to be on the platform, contemplating and feeling Lake Atitlán, its energies, its volcanoes, its awe inspiring and breathtaking panoramic show that the view affords.  The platform has no boundaries and metaphorically speaks to the soul about beyond…  That beyond is not only possible, it is here and now, around you, before you, it is a part of you and you are a part of it.  THAT is one of the unspoken components of the magic of “The Nest”.

Built in the shape of a scallop shell, symbolic of pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago (Saint James’ Way, in Spain), it measures approximately 15×9 meters and provides a workspace area of 140 m2/1500ft2.  The person capacity of the platform varies according to the activity.  Yoga / AcroYoga – 35 to 45 persons, Meditation / Group Circles 75 to 100, Dance Events 150 to 200.

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Eagle’s Lounge

The Eagles and the Gods - Lake Atitlán Visionary Art
The eyes of Ganesh watch over you in the Eagle’s Lounge

Part of hosting retreats includes an area for socializing, sitting or lounging and of course sharing meals together.  It is indoors and also serves as our kitchen for preparing group meals.  We call it Eagle’s Lounge and it is located under The Nest.  


Visionary art on Lake Atitlán, Guatemala.
Visionary art in Eagle’s Lounge.

It is your dining room, your café space, your lounge and your hangout.  This space has a calling for visionary artists to make their mark.  They already have created beautifully colorful murals that hold depth in the symbols and energies they transmit.  It will no doubt be part of the overall transmissions you capture from your experience at Eagle’s Retreats.  Eagle’s Lounge also offers you a very impressive connection with Lake Atitlán, as its very large bay windows further invite you to indulge in panoramic lake reveries.


Accommodation & Catering

Alongside hosting retreats, Eagle’s Retreats offers a number of accommodation options.  These offer participants different levels of privacy and dedicated resources according to their budget: from dormitories and tents to cabins and apartments being the dearest.  By default, we quote an experience that includes full catering (3 meals per day).  That frees you as teacher/facilitator to focus on the contents and experiences you are co-creating, delivering and living yourself.

 Sauna & Pool

Sistine Chapel of Saunas Guatemala
Sistine Chapel of Saunas
Sauna - Temascal - Eagle's Retreats, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala
Sauna masterpiece and infinity cold pool

Our unique sauna design, inspired by world travels and the Mayan sauna culture (locally called “Temascal”), is round and the entry is made from the floor.  Entering it as though entering the womb again, it invites you for a rebirth.  


Sauna Lake Atitlán, Guatemala
Healing & Cleansing Self-Care – Eagle’s Retreats sauna

With a capacity of 10 seated, this masterpiece will seduce you further with its colorful art in the cupola.  The Sistine Chapel of saunas is heated by firewood lit outside, burning in a rocket stove designed to make the combustion way more efficient than a regular chimney fire, adding to the fact that there is no lateral door for the heat to escape from.  When you get a little too hot, come outside and take a dip in the infinity dipping pool, with views to seduce the most well traveled of souls.


Require Catering (our standard offering)