Elevation Ecstatic Dance Gathering

Eagle's Nest - Eagle's Retreats - Lake Atitlán - Guatemala

DJ Mose Cagen, Eagle's Retreats, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala        


Ceremonial Altar at Eagle's Nest, Eagle's Retreats, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

Eagle’s Retreats is an experimental playground for co-creating augmented experiences.  The recent gathering held here last March was one of the outcomes of such live experiment.  What was it exactly?


Chocolate Brownie Bliss @ Eagle's Retreats, Lake Atitlán, GuatemalaSome would call it a party, and this would not be incorrect.  A beautifully sweet party.  We prefer the label gathering due to a number of qualities and attribute that delivers much much more than what is understood by a party.  There are many curated aspects to the experience of being present at such an event.  Furthermore, each attendee is no spectator but rather a participant (much like the experience of attending Burning Man gatherings).  Afterall, the experience is designed and intended to inspire & awaken the soul to show itself to its human steward and manifest in ways unforetold.

Ecstatic Dance DJ Hands & Mixer, Eagle's Retreats, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

A small cover charge is necessary to fund the multiple aspects in which the experience drives to add value to its participants.  Delicious foods, sumptuous music and tribal sounds, resident and travelling DJs (Mose Cagen, Black Lovs , Matti IV, Michael Verner) tantalizing colors and lighting moods, body healing fairies, heart filling performing artists (fire spinners, giant bubble conjurors, jugglers, aerial acrobats, poets, mystics), a cacao ceremony ritual, bonfire area, cuddle puddle cozy lounge, visionary art, and artists, inspirational video projections, candles and low lighting, hours of ecstatic dance, heart open beings to connect with, new encounters, reconnections, mystical experiences.

Ecstatic Dance Floor, Eagle's Retreats, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala.

By removing the availability of alcoholic drinks, the quality of the experience seems to bear a clearer and elevated quality.  The basic framework of the gathering is Connection of the participants through an opening circle.  Partaking in a cacao ceremony where 30-45g of raw ceremonial Performing Artist, Eagle's Retreats, Lake Atitlán, Guatemalacacao is drunk by participants (a heart opening enabler for connecting with our truer selves).  The ceremony opens the dance floor to fusion tribal electronic sounds.  Poetry for the soul and the body.  An invitation to feel deeply and respond to the body’s desires of the moment.  Activating neurochemicals of well-being, connectedness, ecstatic states, healing, release, joy.

Cosmic Family.  One of the outcomes.  Feelings of love and connectedness to other attending souls and the world as a whole.  The nature of the space coerces that; unlimited possibilities to explore the world, it’s beauty as presented to us (from the open front panoramic and engulfing view experience).  


Blissful Light Projections on Wall, Eagle's Retreats, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

To be repeated.  Always evolving.  Watch this space for 2017/2018 season 


The World is Your Oyster, Eagle's Retreats, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala