AcroYoga Retreats: Dreams on Lake Atitlán – Guatemala

AcroYoga Atitlán - Eagle's Retreats - Lake Atitlán - Guatemala

Playing with movement, grace & humanity…

A natural match for AcroYoga and Eagle’s Retreats to be embracing one another:  As the later came into being as an inspiration from the former and thereby infused its genesis with many essentials from the spirit of AcroYoga.

Fitting for AcroYoga – bases feel like they are flying from the Eagle’s Nest, whilst flyers soar next to the passing eagles in the sky.  What does that feel like you might say?  Well, it is like taking the runner from a gym treadmill and placing them on a trail next to a cliff edge.  It changes a lot for the runner as to how (s)he experiences the world.  The world suddenly plays out and starts talking to the soul.  AcroYoga already is about connecting, which it does on many levels not least heart, mind, body and spirit.  Upside down, backside up, downside left and

AcroYoga already is about connecting, which it does on many levels not least heart, mind, body and spirit.  Upside down, back-side up, down-side left and right-side high.  Balance, transition, hold, trust, laugh and push – it’s all good fun.  Appreciation for your partner deepens, communication evolves, focus sharpens with successful flights, pops, and asanas.  Remeber to look up and out at the horizon – all this packaged into a rêvery.  Am I dreaming – or is this a dream come true?

Eagle’s Retreats is indeed the stuff of dreams two years ago.  Now reality and open for hosting AcroYoga retreats, workshops, classes and events with teachers from the worldwide schools AcroYoga.Org, AcroYoga Montreal, and Partner Acrobatics to name but a few.

Make your destination Central America!  Host or attend a Teacher Training, AcroYoga immersions, playful Retreats, fusions with dance or movement arts, circus, contact improvision, ecstatic dance – why not…Eagle’s Retreats awaits for you to fly on Lake Atitlán.

It’s about creating, finding and feeding a community, cosmic family, and the spirit of meaningful connections.



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A day in the life of a professional fairy.

Posted by Daniel Davis on Monday, June 12, 2017