What is your advice for paying for things: cash or credit card?

There is ONE cash machine in San Marcos, although unreliable.  Best you get cash from a bank in Antigua, Panajachel or San Pedro (nearby lake town).  The most reliable way we recommend to get cash is by going inside the bank and asking for a cash advance on your credit or debit card.  ATM/Cash Machines are plentiful, but sometimes unreliable (there have been a number of cases when it does not disburse the cash, yet charges the account – leading to having to create a claim with your bank).  We accept US dollars, Guatemalan Quetzales (GTQ) and credit cards at Eagle’s Retreats, for paying for any services or extras you may purchase here.  San Marcos businesses generally only accept cash, although some do take credit cards.  Best you come with enough cash for your stay here (or take a trip to San Pedro, 10 minutes boat ride, for bank withdrawal).